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Joshua Tree Music Festival

Day-tripper II

Hi all

My name is Josh and Im pretty new to the Rv rental world.  I currently have 3 Rvs that I am renting out and having a blast.  I live close to Joshua Tree (about 65 minutes) and im getting a few requests for the Joshua Tree Music Festival event in May. I did some research on the event and it seems very low key and family friendly.  Does anyone have any experience with this event or crowd. Ive heard horror stories about burning man.  I also used to own a Rv repair facility and would see the damage from burning man on the Rvs.  The people seem nice and are paying for delivery so travel and damage while driving is not really a fear. Just the condition of the rig when it gets back.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you 




If you are close then book yourself a ticket and check the place out.  Nothing like first-hand knowledge to know what goes on and how people treat things.  You will see if people party at the trailers etc.  I know some insurance companies won't cover Burning man. 

Thanks for the reply

I looked up some reviews and it seems like a family friendly event, and pretty chill.  But I like your idea, that's really good.  The people actually ended up not renting from me, so I guess it all worked out.  

Yes I have heard that about burning man, I am going to be very careful during that time period.  I plan on having gps trackers on all my rigs by then with alerts around that area.  I used to own a RV repair facility and would see some of the rigs come back from there, I have no words to describe it. 

Weekend warrior

Wow!  Thanks for sharing!  I've heard from others that Burning Man simply is hard on equipment. They will rent to Burning Man renters.  They also have GPS, monitor it through the rental, are explicit in what they will allow, and address additional costs, etc.  They absolutely expect that there will be a deep clean needed once the unit is returned, and pricing is commensurate.  Burning Man must surely be the apex of extremity with regards to festival rentals! 

See you out there --Camper Jim