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Is there a way to see reviews on the renters??


We just renter our motorhome for the first time and this renter says that he rents all the time. It is supposed be used for a production company as air conditioned space for executives. If he does this all the time I would think outdoorsy would have some information or rating on returning renters? All I see is verified. If this is not an option can outdoorsy make this an option?  Thanks. 


Day-tripper III

There are no renter reviews as of yet.  The majority of renters are still first-timers, so the review process is not that high of a priority.

Well, I really hope they make this an option moving forward. We picked up our motorhome today and it was in bad shape. Our closet door was completely dislodged from the frame, it was full of dirt and to top it off his “hired” driver hit a pole turning and dented the whole door frame. The renters story doesn’t match up to the amount of damage. The hosts deserve to know if it’s an honest renter or not. Any smart company would be collecting data/reviews on both hosts and renters. 

@jeff_nisle really really sorry to hear that. I assume you got all the needed pictures and started the claims process?

@Dherteux is correct in that most renters are first-timers so it's not likely that yours would have had any history with Outdoorsy. 
Aside from that Outdoorsy does have a Trust & Safety team that reviews a wide range of things to check/remove accounts when necessary.

Thank you for your response. I really wanted to highlight that the renter stated he rented from outdoorsy “all the time”. I just thought it would be smart business to have that information available for hosts if they were in fact a returning renter. Since both, hosts and renters are your customers. It could help hosts determine if the story we are told is truthful or we are just told a story to make us feel comfortable enough to rent our RV. I am glad to hear you do have a safety team but I learned “verified” doesn’t mean much. 
Happy camping!