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Is it OK to list the same RV in two geographic areas?

Day-tripper III

Is it OK to list the same RV in two geographic areas? I don’t mean listing the same RV for six months “up north” and then for six months in Florida. I’m wondering if the same RV can be listed in one city and then listed in a different city that is 20 or 25 miles away. Is there a limitation of one Outdoorsy listing per RV? I couldn’t find anything that answers my question in Outdoorsy’s T&C. Thanks!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! Unfortunately it is not possible to have your rig listed in two locations at the same time. In your case, 20-25 miles is not going to make much of a difference in terms of your rig showing up in the search results. 

How does one report an owner who has two listings for the same RV in two cities only 25 miles apart? Shouldn't OD be tracking this infraction? I'm not talking just one RV. This owner has over 10 RVs posted twice. 

I don’t think it’s possible to do, I have a consignment switching to me and I tried to put in the listing to creat for next month and it won’t let me since the vin is still in use with old manager for 2 more weeks. They won’t clear it for the insurance due to this so it won’t publish. Also I notice when some search in my city it pulls units from 125 miles away if no units are available close 

In your situation, as you found out, you won't be able to have two listings with the same VIN because you use OD's insurance. However, my company does not use OD's insurance since we have our own commercial insurance policy. I have not tried it but it might be possible to do two listings if you don't use OD's insurance and don't use the same VIN or RV description in the two listings. Just a guess...

Regarding the search showing units from 125 miles away: The "Recommended" search, which is OD's default search, puts RVs that are farther away from my location even when all of my 10 units are available. I wish OD would have a sort option for distance from the area the renter wants to pick up from or the destination where the renter wants a delivery made to.

You cannot list your vehicle in two different locations, but this was possible before Outdoorsy required every owner listing their RV to input their VIN number. If you listed your vehicle after Aug 2021 or later later you have to apply for insurance. Vehicles before this were not required to use Outdoorsy insurance. Hope this clarifies a bit! 

I will share your feedback about a sort option for distance from the area a renter wants to pick up/ get a rig delivered to. 🙂

Thanks for the clarification about the VIN.

Yes, please champion the idea of sorting by distance!!!


Would you please tell me what commercial insurance company you use? We have 5 vehicles (2RV's and 3 Overlanding Jeeps) which we are looking to insure ourselves.




Day-tripper III

Thanks for your response. I didn't think it was OK to have two listings for the same RV.