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Is anyone doing contactless drop off and pick up?


I am wondering if anyone has done drop offs where they just have the person sign the forms and leave the van. I have some rentals that end on a Sunday, but they are done around 11am and that really is tough because I have to schedule my whole day and/or weekend around the 1 hour for drop off. Anyone doing contactless drop off successfully?


Weekend warrior II

Personally I’m a bit more relaxed when it comes to drop off.  I 100% try to be there but it’s not the end all if I’m not.  I advise them to take pictures of everything at drop off for their records just so there’s no question about damages.  


We thought of doing contactless drop-off, however, our concern was that if we were not there to have the paperwork signed properly and pictures taken, we would be waving the ability to process a claim if there were damage.

If someone else has more accurate info then would love to hear it because contactless would make life easier!