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so, I noticed that our deductible varies from 500 to 1500, I know $500 is much more desirable, but not if a thousand bucks comes out of our pockets. 

Is it the renters abstract that determines the deductible? & if so, they should be adjusting this for us.

I'm not sure how to proceed now with my edits.


Day-tripper II

Jan, the renter is responsible for the deductible, not you. Perhaps I'm not understanding what you are asking.

Weekend warrior II

@Jan  are you talking about the deductible for the renter's insurance coverage vs. the security deposit you charge for the reservation?

If so, the two are not directly related. The security deposit is intended to pay for damages and charges that are not covered by insurance at all. In the event of an accident, if there was any money left over from the security deposit Outdoorsy support would apply it towards the insurance deductible. Anything remaining would be paid directly by the renter, as they are the party insured for the trip. It would never be charged to you as the owner. Check out this page for more details and examples of how it works:

I get it now, tuvm for your input, I did think the 500 deposit was for deductible. Even better now knowing it's for unexpected, & other charges, thanks again.