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Insurance in Virginia?


Was interested in renting my Sprinter, but my insurer says they will drop me from the policy if I rented. They advised the only way in VA is through a commercial policy, the quote the gave was so high renting would be a waste of time/money. The Outdoorsy partner Roamly doesn't offer service in VA. My agent said many people just rent or do Uber/Lyft without telling the insurance provider, I'd rather go about it the right way. Anyone in VA with any insight? 


Day-tripper II

In Oregon, Progressive Insurance has a peer to peer with Outdoorsy. We have Progressive until we hand the keys over. Check with a Progressive agent in your area. Tell Flo, Dennis says hi.

Thanks for this, I thought I had hit a dead-end with the insurance options - agent after agent was saying no. Progressive literally has an option for renting on Outdoorsy platform.