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Increase Occupany


Hello fellow RV Owners!

My wife and I currently have a short-term rental business, which does very well.  I'm looking to transfer that skill set to the RV rental business and would love your input on what has helped you increase occupancy.  I purchased two travel trailers for the sole purpose of building a business through RV rental.  They are both 2022 models and one is 32ft Pioneer and the other is 22ft.  Any help is very much appreciated.  BTW I'm in Houston, TX. Daily rate on each is $149-$139 on 32ft and $119-$129 on 22ft No Boundaries.




Weekend warrior

When you search the website as if you are looking to rent, what are the other trailers similar to yours doing? Are their calendars booked up and do they have positive reviews?

Your 32’ trailer…can it be towed by a 1/2 ton? Most people have 1/2 ton vehicles for towing. Longer trailers can be intimidating for some people, so are you available to do more deliveries for it?

Does your smaller trailer have the items in it that are appealing to renters? Sink in the bathroom, sleeping capacity for more than 2 people, etc. 

Creating a Facebook business page is the most beneficial way to increase your exposure. TX is a pretty saturated market for RVs. So it’s not going to be a cakewalk to establish an RV rental business in a saturated market. 

Anyway, hope that gives a bit of insight. 


Hi @rvacnllc,

Hope everything is going well with your new RV business. I started, ran, and then sold a campervan rental company in Colorado. Now I am helping RV owners with marketing needs to maximize bookings (outdoorsy listing, website, SEO, social media, etc). Would you be interested in chatting? Let me know.