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Include towels

Day-tripper II

As a first-time road-lord of a motor home, I'm trying to decide what to provide to renters as a standard vs. what is an add-on.  Are bath, kitchen, hand, pool or beach towels included in the rental? Or should they be an add-on that the renter can choose or not?

It's same question for things like, camping chairs, outdoor BBQ grill, corn hole game, portable fire pit, etc.

Any help with these details is appreciated!


Weekend warrior II

So this is going to depend on who your renters are.  If you get a lot of locals or fly in renters.  Most of our renters are locals so I just provide fitted sheets but will provided towels, blankets etc upon request.  I usually end up just asking what they need.  Most don't take me up on it and provide their own stuff. 

Day-tripper II

Thanks for asking this question Gwhit and thanks for your response VagabondKaren. I was also wondering about this. 

Day-tripper III

If you do provide towels and the like, you need to make sure you wash them between rentals, no matter if they are used or not.  I offer bedding and towels for an extra charge, simply for those few renters who come in from out of town.

Day-tripper II

Hello Day-Tripper lll! Most definitely. Thanks for sharing info with me.