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Include gas grill or not?


Our trailer has a fold out bracket on the rear bumper that folds out and has a grill that mounts on it. My concern is if someone uses the grill and doesn't pay attention and has a flair up it could damage the rear corner of the trailer. These grill setups are pretty common on a lot of trailers. I'm just not sure if I should include the grill or not (new owner jitters )


Day-tripper II

If you include the grill show/tell your renter the concerns you have and they are responsible for any damages.

Day-tripper II

That's what the security deposit is for, but I doubt it could cover the amount of damage a grill could cause. I'd certainly talk to the renter and warn them their deposit may not cover enough of the damage... If you're that concerned, I'd come up with some kind of heat shield solution for long term.

Day-tripper III

I have an LP quick connect, but I do not provide a grill for the same reason.  Nearly every campground has a place to grill any way.  My kitchen has an oven/stove/microwave.  Additionally, in 6 months, I have only been asked twice by renters if there is one.