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I got my first booking what do I do now ?



Do I need to print out documents and stuff or what?

Weekend warrior II

@Dwainscott  I would start out by reading through the Outdoorsy owners handbook, it answers a lot of the basic questions like this and is a great resource.

Yes, Outdoorsy still requires that you print out and fill out the departure and return forms for each reservation (hopefully these will be built into the app soon). In addition, you will want to use the Outdoorsy Pro owners app to take a full set of photos of your rig right before the renter comes to pick it up.

On pickup day, make sure to set aside time to give your renter a thorough tour of your RV so you can explain how all the systems work and answer any questions. Most renters on Outdoorsy have never used an RV before, so they will need some guidance from you to make sure their trip goes well. Most owners have some kind of manual or "how-to" binder that they put together explaining how everything works, so the renter has something to reference during their trip if needed.

this helps. thanks. 

How do I upload the signed forms??

Community Manager
Community Manager

@MamaEash No need to upload the signed forms. You'll just need to keep them for your records in the case of a claim or dispute. We recommend holding on to them for around 60 days after a rental is returned or for the duration of a claim or dispute. You can email them to if that would make you feel more comfortable or you can take photos of them and hold on to those on your phone or Google Drive.