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Hypothetical Class B delivery, stationary insurance

Day-tripper II

I've recently had a couple of people wanting my Class B delivered, they only want to have it sitting in their driveway for the duration of the rental. I don't normally do delivery but for local & no miles getting put on my RV i'll make an exception 😄

The question I have is could these renters use the cheaper stationary insurance option?

Proof of it not moving would be in the milage before & after photos. A steering lock could also be fitted ensuring it can't be driven.

What do you think? 


Day-tripper III

Yes, they can use the stationary insurance if the vehicle is not going to be moved at all during the rental. When they opt for delivery they'll have the option to add the stationary insurance at that time and it will say that the vehicle can not be moved or else the insurance will be voided. Excellent idea to document the before and after mileage as well as add a steering lock.