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Day-tripper III

First things first, a new RV'er renting and the anticipation is growing yet how can an owner provide what is needed? Simple by putting together a step by step laminated guide helping the renter and giving you a piece of mind approach. 

1) setting up and breaking down guide

2) filling dumping and outside water guide

3) appliance operation guide

4) * most commonly over looked and can save trouble down the road is awning reminders guide

5) water pump and heater guide

Let's break this down...

Under the setup and breakdown guide it is imperative to help navigate the renter to mitigate damage. For instance, stabilizing and / or leveling jacks down first before slides are extended out. Making sure no objects or cabinetry doors are in the way when the slides are extended or retracted. Simple guide like this can be monumental and helps set precedence.

Let's say there is a maintenance issue with the RV while the renter is on their trip, again mitigate the headaches by having a local repair facility or mobile repair company in standby. 

For more tips and tricks feel free to ask... Cheers 🍻 - Adventure Awaits



Day-tripper III

Those ideas my friend are spot on! 

Thank you kindly. 

Day-tripper II


All great ideas, we too have a laminated Arrival and Departure checklist for them to refer to so they can go step by step (see image).  We have also created video tutorials specifically for the RV that are available on YouTube, we also have them on a thumb drive in the RV to view on the dashboard video system.  

Arrival Departure.jpg




thank you,great idea

Day-tripper II

Take a look at this mobile application, it removes a lot of headaches when managing RVs

RV Guidebooks