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How many days a month do you rent your Rv/Trailer


Hi Im new to the rental world and looking to buy either a class C or travel trailer, or both. Im trying to forecast expenses and profits but trying to figure out realistically, how many days a month/year i can actually have my vehicle rented. Im Southern California so weather is mostly the same year round. Any input for both vehicle types would be greatly appreciated.  Also which vehicle type will see most return on investment 


Day-tripper III

Between the two, I say go for the Class C. It's going to bring in more profit than a trailer especially in So Cal. If you look on Outdoorsy the Class Cs rent at a higher rate and they're pretty fun and easy to travel and camp in. Trailers are cool too but you'll need to be prepared to deliver since a lot of people won't be able to tow them. 

Day-tripper II

I agree with the class C recommendation and will add that they are easy to drive and easier to maintain than a class A and less expensive to purchase than a class B. Several years ago we owned a business that rented only pop-ups. It was very popular and profitable even in our short rental season climate. The biggest problem and expense, which will be the same for you with a class C or trailer, was maintenance. Sadly RV's are not built to withstand daily hard use. Our popups lasted three years even with regular maintenance. If you hire out all maintenance you will never be profitable. You will have to learn how to maintain and do repairs yourself. There are many excellent forums available to help you. We used only Forest River popups so I used the FROG (Forest River Owners Group) for advice. I restored two Airstreams, one motorhome  and one trailer, and used the Airstream Forum for both. I would advise you visit these now and read about the problems RV owners encounter and decide if you can do the repairs. Trust me you will run into a situation where your rental returns at 12:00 and is due to go back out at 3:00 the same day and you will have a propane regulator that is bad or a screen door which does not work or a leaking toilet and you need to repair it quick. Good luck to you and please ask away if you have any more questions.