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How do you upsell add-ons with your Guests? Do you offer them online or ask questions?

Weekend warrior

I have a laundry list of add-ons Guests may select from a bring the family pet fee, to generator power, water fills and other things.  My question isn't so much about what other Hosts have as add-ons.  My question is more focused on how successful Hosts present and offer their add-ons.  I'm sure I could do a better job of bringing the add-ons to Guests attention.  

Have you created a method of presenting and selling add-ons to your Guests?  Do you have email, or text messaging with confirmed bookings?  Do you have a menu of items you send or actively work to add to your rentals before the send-off?

If there are things we can learn from one another that help us better serve our Guests and also help our rental operations, well then, that's a Win-Win.  

Please share!  

See you out there,  Camper Jim

(P.S.--forum administrators....this would be a GREAT topic for an off-season webinar!) 👍


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the feedback @jim_hofer! I'll be sure to bring that feedback to our team!