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Holiday Pricing


Just wondering if everyone raises their prices around holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, & Labor Day. I didn't do it last year because it was my first year and just wanted to get as many rentals as I could. I also don't want to price myself out of getting any rentals. 




Day-tripper III

Yep, I raise my prices around 10-15 percent

Day-tripper III

I guess my question is, is it hurting you financially if you don't raise them? As a consumer myself, I really hate that businesses do this, I (kind of) get it from a business standpoint that this helps cover slower times.

Day-tripper III

Absolutely, also for music festivals.  

So, how does it hurt you if you don't raise for music festivals? I have rented to 2 music festivals now and the renters took very good care of my camper. They mainly use it to crash in. I know I probably got lucky. 

it doesn't hurt and if you have a great repeat client don't rock the boat. the Firefly festival is not far from where we operate out of. We have on repeat client that gets a discount and everyone else pays a mark up from our regular rate because it's a high demand weekend. Too bad they are not running in 2023. 

Day-tripper III

I did raise it for the event in September. I will see how it goes.  If I get repeat customers, I will do the discount like you said. Thanks