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Holding a portion of security deposit for cleaning


Hi everybody! So far I have had pretty good luck with the renters for my RV, but unfortunately my last renter left my trailer very messy. I was wondering if you have encountered this problem before and if so what did you do? I reviewed the contract and it states that I can claim a portion of the security deposit for a cleaning fee and it is expected the trailer to be returned with the same cleaning conditions or better. What do you think is a reasonable price to withdraw from the security deposit for a dirty RV return?


Day-tripper III

My time is worth $100/hr. That's what a cleaning service would charge me (Indianapolis, IN prices), so if I can clean it in an hour, it's $100. 2 hours? $200. (and so on). 

Likely as not your cleaning will uncover damages - so wait until you're back to rent-ready before you finalize your claim on the deposit.

All the best!