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Hello everyone!


We are new at Outdoorsy and would appreciate every advise we can get on how to become the best hosts we can be.

What are the common items to be included with the rental?  Our first couple of renters asked for earlier delivery, how would that work?



I'm new as well and will be following your post! Best of luck to you!

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Hi there! 

Welcome to Outdoorsy. We are happy to have you 🙂

1) When it comes to common items that are included it really depends on how you want to run your business. A good portion of renters supply basic things for their renters like sheets, silverware, napkins, toilet paper, etc. There is an option on your listing to include "add-ons". Renters can pay extra for these things. Some examples include camp chairs, BBQs, generators, paddle boards etc. 

2) Make sure you read the Owner Handbook. There is a bunch of really important info in here. We also have weekly Listing Optimization Webinars you can attend. One of our coaches will go though everything you need to know on your Outdoorsy Dashboard. You can ask questions during this as well! 

3) Typically with delivery owners will charge a rate per mile. This usually ends up between $150-$300. You will set the RV up for your renters, do a normal key exchange with them (handing the keys to a verified driver), and then pick it up at the end of their trip. Renters will also be able to have "stationary" insurance since they will not be moving it. This insurance option is a bit cheaper so make sure your renters ask customer support for this. 

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you have other questions. 

Day-tripper III

We only include what is needed to use the unit.  We do not include bedding or kitchen supplies.  We offer them for an extra cost.  Some people offer these items.  We do not want the hassle of cleaning EVERYTHING between rentals.  So far this has not been an issue.  Some people want to provide a hotel-ready experience, but you have to understand the amount of time and energy that goes into that.  In today's climate, most people like the idea of having their own stuff with them.  We offer the extras mostly for the few people who come in from out of state.  We offer early pick-up, like the night before, for an extra fee.  The renter must also pay for an extra day of insurance.  The number one thing I would say to be a good host is to know your unit.  Know how to teach people how to use it/drive or tow it with confidence.

We are on the other end of the spectrum. We currently provide everything needed to camp other than food, clothes, pillows, and blankets. This includes full kitchen supplies, linens, towels, unlimited generator use, camping chairs, propane grill, stove, and fire pit. We charge a slightly higher rate to compensate for this. Our kitchen is fully stocked and we require that everything be cleaned prior to being returned otherwise there is a $199 excessive cleaning fee. I quickly inspect plates, bowls, silverware, etc. for cleanliness (takes about 5-10 mins) as well as all counter tops, sink, toilet, and shower. If anything is dirty and requires cleaning other than sanitizing wipe down we charge the fee. Most customers bring their own disposable plates and plasticware to avoid doing dishes. I honestly think it is a bigger hassle to have to remember what items to take out or put in based on add-ons and then store those items when they are in use. Easier for us to leave it all in the trailer, charge a slightly higher rate, and require that it be cleaned by the customer. Accidental damage is most likely to occur when customers are carrying stuff in and out of the trailer or not securing them properly for traveling. This allows us to make sure supplies are properly stored and secured prior to them leaving. So far, we haven't had to charge the cleaning fee yet as every renter has brought it back nice and clean but we are prepared for when that day comes. Just make sure you are very clear on expectations and what would trigger the fee to be charged.