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HEADS UP: Keep An Eye on Your Delivery Fee!!

Weekend warrior

This issue has been documented several times for us on Outdoorsy's end. 

Once gas prices started to soar in California, we raised our delivery per mile fee up to $5.50/mile (I know-- most say that's too little, but it's enough to cover our range, respectfully.) 

Anyway, about a week and a half, maybe two weeks ago, I started noticing that my delivery fee numbers weren't adding up. I looked at my ad and noticed that the fee was no longer where I placed it-- it had gone down to around $3/mile!!!! And customers had already booked (no wonder!!)

So I called Outdoorsy and as the representatives were trying to fix the issue, they watched as they changed the price from their end and as we were talking about whatever else, the price would change AGAIN! Sometimes to $3 per mile, sometimes to $4!! But it wasn't sticking to our personally requested $5.50/mile!!

Think that's crazy?! Just wait! There's more!!

It also wasn't keeping my generator usage changes! Originally, we said 4 hours a day with $3/hour over. After gas prices skyrocketed again, I changed it to 4 hours a day with $4.50 over and Outdoorsy's system kept changing it back to $3/hour over!!

While I know the generator hour thing isn't the end of the world, I *DO* know that the time we spend going to and from and to and from campgrounds when gas is nearing $8 a gallon+ that we need to be AT LEAST breaking even!! In the last few deliveries, we've made (because of these back-end issues that we have at least four tickets into the IT department about), we're actually PAYING $100+ on these deliveries!!!

And now, we have a renter who was somehow able to rent a delivery-only rental without clicking the "This is a stationary vehicle and I understand that if I move this vehicle, my insurance is null-and-void" type checkbox and there is actually NO DELIVERY FEE at all!!! 

Two (now three, according to our renter) Outdoorsy reps have tried to reach out to our renter to get their approval on the rate change (for both our delivery fee and Outdoorsy trying to correct their insurance fee) and according to our renter, he's accepted whatever rate change(s) he's been sent, yet NOTHING has happened!! (Our renter shared screenshots of the emails he's received.) 

I'm going to have to decline this rental and then write up a quote for the renter with all of the correct numbers in place, just so we don't have to give away free gas, time, and our own personal incomes to make this rental happen! 

I know that the Outdoorsy team is trying and all of this sounds like a bug in the software, somewhere, but I'd LOVE it if Outdoorsy could get this issue fixed ASAP! We're not asking for any money off or money back, we just want this fixed. Not only for ourselves but for any current or future renters who may have to deal with this! 

Not to mention, this is our first season on Outdoorsy and if it keeps going like this, we're probably going to go elsewhere. That's how frustrated we are at this moment. I mean NO disrespect to the people who are working so hard to try to make this right, but in the end, if we can't trust that a minor (or even major, to be honest) change that we need to make on our own rig isn't being made and instead is costing us money... this just simply won't work for us.

So for you, our fellow owners, keep an eye on your rentals. Make sure that everything adds up and that nothing has mysteriously changed on the "back-end" (as it's been described to us) and that you're still, if not making a few bucks, you're at *least* breaking even! 


Day-tripper III

I get this...I had the same thing happening with mine. I would check it daily and it was staying at the original price of $3.50 a mile but I know I moved it to $4.50, so I started to watch. 

But I can say that Outdoorsy has been really good about helping us to work out issues. They had called us once and asked if we could go outside our original delivery we said yes. They told us it was 150 miles. The day before we left we were planning our trip...we found it to be 192 miles! Way over what they had said and I did not feel like I should charge the customer because Outdoorsy had made the reservation on their behalf. So the customer and I called them and talked separately. Outdoorsy ended up paying the difference and adding $100 to our next booking to help out with the mistake. I definitely appreciate that and so did the customer...everything went well after that. So if you talk with them they are willing to help. 


Hi RobandReba! Yes, Outdoorsy has been trying to work on all of these issues with us the whole time. They did mention that others (like yourselves, as well) were having the same issue, which is why I posted this. I can only imagine there are quite a few others who haven’t thought to check into theirs yet. Fingers crossed they will now! 🤞🏼 

Day-tripper III

I did notice yesterday that if I didn't hit refresh, it did not show up. But the first week, it kept reverting back to the original miles and price, when gas went up we increased our prices and it wasn't sticking. Today it seems ok. But I did have the same issue. I never called Outdoorsy, I just stayed frustrated!!! LOL. 

lol! By the time I realized what was happening, I freaked out! lol

An Outdoorsy agent named Flora finally realized what the other three agents had missed on this last issue (the one with no delivery at all) and she fixed it (thanks, Flora)! So that debacle has been rectified. Only three days and four agents later, lol! They all really tried, though! 


I had a similar issue when sending a quote. I put in the address and delivery and it had the delivery fee. Then when I sent the quote there was no delivery fee added to the price. I didn’t realize until he had accepted so when I cancelled I had to call Outdoorsy and get the dates reopened and then had the renter make a new quote. Super odd but I’m glad they are looking into problems like these. 

I find them to be VERY helpful and I call for all my situations. I only got frustrated once!!!! ;0 LOL. 


Also noticed another software glitch. System doesn't update response time. First 1 or 2 emails I received nearly a year ago took several hours to respond and my response time adjusted to 6 hours. After I became aware, I loaded app on my phone and now ALWAYS respond within 10-20 minutes.

Response time went down several times and is now at 4 hours. Since then, response time hasn't moved below 4 hours though I have provided probably 75+ responses and numerous rentals. 

Tech support says system has a glitch and doesn't update any longer. Anything others have done to deal with this?

Please help! 


@KerryBen I've noticed that my response time doesn't reflect my true response times, as well. I read somewhere that it really doesn't matter (that "Pro" status really doesn't matter, specifically) but I don't know how true that is. Maybe @Kameron could fill us in!

@Clan_Graham we've heard some reports of this and are filing examples like @KerryBen and yourself so that our teams might soon be able to do some sort of audit. No real timeline on this though.

@Kameron Thanks for the quick response! I feel that over time, situations and conversations like these will only help to improve the Outdoorsy experience for the renter and owner alike. You're all doing a wonderful job and I commend you all for it! Your jobs aren't easy, but you all make it appear that it is-- and I mean everyone! The reps we talk to on the phone are absolutely amazing and you and @Anonymous are super responsive and helpful here in the community forum. Kudos (or "chirps", rather) to you all! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Clan_Graham I'm really sorry to hear how this issue has been affecting you and your rentals. I know our teams that have been working with you have been reporting the errors on your account to the right people and I have just done the same. Hopefully, we can get this resolved for you quickly and earn some trust back, in the meantime keep us honest and keep chatting or calling in when necessary.

Thanks for reaching out, @Kameron. Outdoorsy has been great at trying to help. There was only one agent who said she'd call me back to let me know what the problem was and she never called me back, but I think it's because the issue hadn't yet been resolved. I'm still keeping an eye out on the price but I'm too nervous to do Instant Book again. Maybe in a few months. Again, thanks for reaching out!

Day-tripper II

On my page I add call or text for a bid. That way if gas shoots up or I have to pay a different delivery person I can factor that in and have it worked out as they book. I would definitely put that in yours while they are working out the issue. 

Thanks, CjL! They've worked it out for now but if it happens again, I'll be sure to do that! It would've worked great for us when all of that craziness was going on!