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Handling Rentals Remotely


Hi there. I am seeking some ideas, advice, and guidance for my camper rental through Outdoorsy.

This is our first year renting on Outdoorsy for my wife and I, and we could have never imagined how popular our little toy hauler would be. It has been booked solid for 3 months and has turned out to be quite a good investment. However, there is one downside, and that is that constantly having to meet renters for pickup and drop-off during odd hours has become a strain on our schedule, as we both have full time jobs.

We are trying to come up with a better solution for the pickup and drop-off process, and hoped that some other owners/hosts have had success doing so remotely. I think some simple tutorial videos for hookup and campsite setup would be an easy solution. Outdoorsy also has E-signature capability so there is no need for an in person paper document signing. I've even found some lockbox solutions for holding the key to the camper and the tongue lock. The biggest hurdle is thinking through where to keep our camper so that it is easily accessible.

Our neighborhood HOA absolutely forbids us having our rig stationed at our home, and our current storage facility is not friendly for inexperienced drivers, nor are they interested in having random renters come through the gates of the facility on a weekly basis. We live in Nashville, TN and I don't really know anybody with random gated parking lots who are willing to allow me to store my rig for this purpose. Does anybody have any examples of how they have done this in the past? Does Outdoorsy have any partner programs that help manage this?

I am really on the fence here. I could see myself buying an additional camper to continue growing our side hustle, but I have also seriously considered taking my listing down due to the schedule strain. We haven't been out of town in 3 months and I am going home to meet renters at least 2 times per week during work hours. Really need a solution to manage the rental process remotely!



Weekend warrior

I totally understand your frustration. I also work full-time and I'm not comfortable with my wife having to send off the renters by herself. We do keep our camper at home. We've considered purchasing a storage lot location, but adding the security and self-service options - well, we'd need a lot more campers.... I wonder if there might be a way to organize local/regional co-ops for rental RVs where someone with some land and a flair for personal security would take on the check-in/out process for the owners for a small fee? We're in the Indianapolis area....

Day-tripper II

Wait, where is the E-signature capability that Outdoorsy has?!?

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Owners with the owner app have the ability to review their booking details and take before/after photos on both handoff and return. Renters can also complete the departure/ return forms with signatures on their end as well 🙂