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Hand-Crafted Trailer Insurance


My husband and I are new to Outdoorsy. Since our trailer is handmade we are not eligible for Roamly insurance. Customer service informed us we would need to acquire third party renter's insurance to insure coverage. My husband is worried more about the coverage for items inside our trailer. I know Outdoorsy providers a departure and return document and what not but is there any other way to ensure coverage for items outside of the trailer itself? Much thanks! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@SelahV sorry to hear Roamly won't be able to cover your DIY trailer. I absolutely love the teardrop build! Looks like you guys did an amazing job!

Your renters will need to purchase the $69 Internal Damage Protection to cover internal damages caused by renters or missing/broken items, again, caused by renters.   

As far as items outside like camping chairs, and tables, that kind of outside stuff would be covered by the Security Deposit.

Thanks for the response, Kameron! Is the Internal Damage Protection something they will be prompted to purchase or will we have to initiate/add it from our end? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's shown as an option when booking but not necessarily prompted. I would probably nudge renters to look for it when they start chatting with you about booking.

Is the internal damage protection available in New York? I am finding it impossible to have insurance for the renter. 

Day-tripper II

Doesn't the renter's car insurance policy need to provide a rider since you can't get insurance thru Outdoorsy? And will they provide that on a DIY trailer so it's covered for damage and liability? Because your trailer is a custom DIY, I think you're taking on a lot of liability because trailers and RVs are certified to be road-worthy, and I assume yours is not certified. If you ask an attorney, I'm confident they would advise against renting out your DIY trailer.