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Guidebook for renters

Day-tripper II

Hello, I am new here but we have listed our trailer and have it rented out for two separate occasions. I would like to provide a very cheatsheet/checklist for the renter that helps them navigate the trailer as easily as possible. I am looking for ideas of what works well. I was considering doing a YouTube tutorial too. but not sure if that is overkill. Please let me know your ideas. Thank you in advance!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @jlasquete we have a great article on manuals and guidebooks that I strongly recommend to start with. We also had a great AMA with owner @david_rubio that's linked in there as well. Another thing I've seen owners do in terms of videos is to look for pre-existing Youtube videos that match the same make and model as the rig they have for rental.

Hi @Kameron I recently created a Touchstay guidebook based on the article you mentioned above.  It took quite a bit of time, and I think it is going to be very helpful for renters!  The frustrating problem is I can't seem to share a link to it via messages.  I thought Touchstay links were whitelisted?  What can I do?  Customer support didn't have any appropriate options for me.

Hey @darin_ashton nice work getting that guidebook created for your renters. I'm working to verify the whitelisted links right now. In the meantime, the only workaround I can think of is that you can ask for the renter's phone number to send them the link. Of course, we recommend keeping most communication on Outdoorsy, but this could help for now with the link.

@Kameron Thank you!  Look forward to hearing back from you about the links!  I too want to keep communicating on the platform.

@darin_ashton so it looks like whitelisting those links is something our teams are currently working on, but I don't have an ETA. Sorry for the initial misunderstanding, I'll adjust that part of the article.

@Kameron Thank you for the quick response.  I really appreciate the follow up.  Please let us know when this is resolved.


Im new fact my RV is out on its first rental now.  My husband and I made videos demonstrating how to set up at camp, tips and tricks for a drive day, how to break down at camp, info on boondocking, and a troubleshooting video.  We uploaded our videos to a YouTube channel we made specifically for our RV rental business, and then created QR codes that link to the videos.  The videos are super helpful when potential renters are asking questions about what the RV is like and how complicated it is to operate, and we also created a printed out version of the steps that include the QR code.  That way, if a renter is wanting to watch the videos as they are setting up or taking down etc, they can just scan the QR code and watch from their phone.  I havent used it much yet because we are super new but it was really simple to do and it feels very professional and easy for the renters.

This is awesome. Im sure it took a while to compile all of this. but will be worth it in the long run. This is basically what I would like to do as well. the task seems daunting. 

It really Didn’t take that long. It took us about two hours to record the videos. We just put our RV in the driveway and went through the steps of setting up everything as if we were at a campsite and recorded the videos on our phones.Then we just used YouTube to upload the videos. I had never made a QR code before so I had to do a little research to figure that out but as it turns out it’s super easy and each of the QR codes were made in about five minutes. All in all it took about a day to get everything totally set up.

Wow!  That really sounds like a great plan!  Is there a particular app that you used for QR codes?  That is new to me as well.  I've heard of other larger dealers using them as well.  It sounds like it would be easy for the guest to access info that way.  Camper Jim