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Getting set up to rent my camper


I wanted to know how to get started so that I could rent my Coachman freedom express 2021 BH 29'


Day-tripper II

First, and possibly most importantly, get a quality set of photographs of the interior and exterior.  Show off any distinctive features of the RV.  Does it have an outdoor kitchen?  Get a close up so potential renters can see more of the detail.  Do your exterior photos in a camp setting.  Make sure your photos don't have lots of distortion (curves where there should be straight lines).  Primarily use landscape orientation, it takes better advantage of our natural field of vision (how many movie theaters have a vertically oriented big screen?).

Be descriptive and provide lots of narrative.  Study the details of other RVs being offered in your area.  Improve upon both the quantity and quality (use proper English) of their text.  At least to start, include, at no extra cost, things some of the others don't have or for which they charge an extra fee.  We provide towels, linens, a coffee maker, etc.  Make sure your descriptive text mentions such extras.  If you are okay with renters bringing pets along, be clear about it so you can attract that sub-group of renters.

Price your nightly rate to be competitive.  At first, you might want to be charging a bit less than others are charging for similar rigs.  Offer multi-night discounts, veteran discounts, etc.  Many of our travel trailer renters want the unit delivered and most of those want us to do all the setup and breakdown.  Cover your cost for delivery with a rate that will get you a modest margin (5-15%) above cost.  In other words, don't try to turn delivery into a "profit center" (at least not until you get a bit more established).  Our delivery includes parking the unit, getting it level, extending the slide, and extending the stabilizers.  We charge extra to hook up the electric, water, and (if present) sewer connections.  And the charge includes doing all the disconnects as well as dumping the wastewater if sewer was not available at the site.

We have a sway control system on each of our travel trailers.  If a renter wants to tow the rig, we require they use our hitch and charge a modest fixed fee.  This ensures consistency and improves safety for both the renter and our property.  Many renters who plan to tow don't have a sway control system; they typically don't need them unless they have an RV of their own. 

This late in the year, don't be disappointed if you don't get many rentals.  Next year, having a full rental season, will likely be different.  Put extra effort into ensuring you start off strong and your first few customers are extremely happy, enough so to shower you with praise in a 5-star review.

I appreciate this thoughtful response. I'm not one with words so coming up with a creative ad is going to be an adventure on its own haha.