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Hi There,

For those who do not have onboard generators, but supply renters with a portable generator, what do you charge if anything?

Thanks so much,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! There's a lot of folks who structure generator hours in different ways. I would recommend taking a look at the listings in your area and see what strategy or charges your fellow owners have posted. Here's an example of an owner who gives a certain amount of free hours, and then has a sliding scale charge if there are overages-

Generator usage
4 free generator hours per day If you exceed the included hours you will be charged:
  • 5-8: $4.00 per hour
  • 9-12: $7.00 per hour
  • 13+: $10.00 per hour

Day-tripper III

For travel trailers I used to charge a flat rate of $100 with unlimited hours for a 3500 Predator. 1 full tank of gas. After that they had to fill it up themselves if they needed more during their trip.

We don’t allow dry camping anymore so we don’t supply generators anymore. 

Day-tripper II

I'm similar to Dave and charge $59 for unlimited on a WEN generator I offer. I used my local Home Depot to compare what they charge and then backed it down a hair. I also purchased the Wen because it's early easy to service and at just $800 investment won't be too hard to get a return on the investment while also offering a cheaper option to my renters than the closest alternative they are likely to comparison shop me against. 


I have a rental going out that wants a generator with the trailer.  I have a predator 3500.  Do you drop it off full of gas, and its up to them to put gas in it each day, and return it full?  Should I include my gas can as well?