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Full Water Tanks or Empty Water Tanks???


Question for other hosters/owners/renters: Do you rent your camper with a full fresh water tank?
We have a 2021 nUCamp T@B 320CS-S with a 20 gallon fresh water tank that we've always rented empty.

Thoughts on renting with the fresh water tank full versus empty are appreciated!

Thank you!


Weekend warrior II

We send campers out with an empty water tank unless they specifically ask for it to be filled.  Filling the tank, at least for our renters, is often unnecessary as most are heading to campgrounds that offer water or at least some place to fill up.  Towing with water also adds a lot of weight! 

Day-tripper III

I have some water in the tank in my driveable, so the renter can use the bathroom on the road, but for my trailer, it is always empty, unless it is requested to be full.  That is a LOT of extra weight to drag around.