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With rising gas prices anyone talking to there costumers about fuel surcharges based on gas prices ?


Weekend warrior

I actually raised my delivery prices tonight by 50 cents a mile - I was already charging $6/mile.  I have not talked about a surcharge with renters because they don't have to agree to it.  For an extra $20 or whatever it isn't worth it - I also do not do a ton of deliveries so it would not effect a whole lot of my bookings. 

Day-tripper II

we raised our delivery / pick up fee to $8 per mile. Plus tolls if applicable. 

Day-tripper II

Hubby & I have a Class A and live in California - the amount of request is slow these days with fuel being so high.  I recently lowered my per day price for our Coach Class A.  Anyone else feeling the rentals slowing down due to rising gas??  

I was already at $6/mile for delivery so I did not raise that.  I did raise the fee for not refueling to $8 per gallon.  I rent my 27' Class C out and I'm booked up for most of the summer.  I just had one cancel due to the Yellowstone flooding.  The gas prices do not seem to be impacting my rentals at this point.  I do offer unlimited miles and generator.  I was wondering if RV rental might be more reliable than the airlines that cancel frequently these days.