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First rental


Okay, I was contacted to day for a 7 day rental though the Thanksgiving holiday. What is my next step? Do I contact Outdoorsy? How does this work as a host? I've rented a Class B back in the summer and that part was easy. Just don't know where I begin as a host.





Weekend warrior

Work flow:      Dashboard/Bookings/Send A Quote

I am assuming they did not send a booking request.   If they have sent a booking request you may accept it as it is, or change what needs to be and send it back for approval. 

Outdoorsy Help

Click on the question mark icon on the lower right-hand corner of your screen, enter your credentials and have a quick call or chat session with a support member at Outdoorsy.    

See you out there,  Camper Jim

The booking request would be under the availability calendar, I assume. No they haven't  in the calendar yet. The message from Outdoorsy and on my phone just tells me about him and his family wanting to use it next week for a Thanksgiving trip out of state to visit relatives. I replied back that he would need to mark the days on the calendar and it would give him a price and options for level of insurance desired.


Weekend warrior

Yep.  You've got it.  When they've been vetted, are signed up, and have sent a date request to book, then you know they're serious.  Otherwise, folks like to browse and send a question or two.  No harm in the shoulder and off-seasons.  During Summer, I have to be focused if I stand a chance of keeping organized with multiple rigs for rent.

Camper Jim