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First Rental


Hey y’all! We just finished our first rental, yay! I just had a question about the check-in process. There were a few forms that myself and the renter had to complete before the key exchange and while I saw a digital signature option at the bottom of each form, I didn’t see one for the signature lines in between. What is your method for check-in? I would love not to have to print out all of those documents every time but it seemed like that was my only option unless the couple of digital signatures I obtained applies for the whole document. Hope this makes sense and thanks for the input! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @SelahV! Congrats on your first rental! You can use the e-signature option for you and the renter to sign the rental contract only. You will still need to fill out the departure and return forms and have them sign. You can either print out the forms or use a program that allows for PDF editing. Some other owners have recommended Adobe Fill & Sign but there are many options. You will then need to save these forms for your records to use in the case that you need to file a claim.

Great Cailey, thank you!!