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First Rental and Drop Off


We are dropping off and picking up our trailer at the sister's of the renter house . The sister will be present at drop off and pick up. Who do I have sign the forms so I'm covered by insurance? The renter is the only verified driver


Weekend warrior II

You need to contact the renter and have them add the sister as a verified driver.  She cannot sign the forms unless she is verified. 

Not applicable

Hi there! The approved driver must sign the departure and return forms. If this does not happen you or your renter will not have insurance coverage. You can have the renters call customer support to get the sister added as an approved driver. Please do not hand your keys over unless they are approved. 

Day-tripper II

Correct - the insured and verified driver.  In my final email/contact to the renter before pick up I have some pre-set reminders for them before we meet to do the hand off so there are no surprises!  Great Question