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First Booking Must Do's?


Hi everyone, my name is Jennifer and I'm completely oblivious to the whole travel trailer world. I bought a 29ft 2021 Coleman Lantern and it sat in a covered storage space at Derryl's Mini Storage for close to a year before I decided to do something with it. Anyway, I have my first booking coming up which will be a week long rental and I have no idea what is what or what to expect. Not only that, I do not have a significant other or anyone with enough knowledge willing to coach me along. I need to take down any important notes  you may have to offer as far as the initial "what NEEDS to be done" prior to the first-time use/rental, and/or any tips, suggestions, or must-have's, etc. to make this trip a comfortable and less complicated vacation for my first renter? i am open to any and all suggestions and advice. Please and thank you kindly.



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Hi there! Congrats on your first rental. I always recommend first-time owners take a look over The Outdoorsy Owner Handbook. It's FULL of great tips and guidelines you can follow as a host on Outdoorsy. You can always call support and they'd be happy to chat about things with you as well +1 877-723-7232. There have been many post on this topic as well! If you search key words such as "first rental" some helpful posts should come up! Good luck 🙂 

Weekend warrior

Have you used your camper recently?  You need to make sure everything works and that you know how to explain to your renters how everything works - and can assist them with questions/issues as well!