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Feature update announcement: mutual cancellations

Community Manager
Community Manager
🎉 Feature update announcement 🎉

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You asked, we listened. Now introducing mutual cancellations!
When the unavoidable comes up and you or your renter need to cancel a trip — mutual cancellation is now live in your Dashboard. This option triggers a full refund to the renter and has no financial or algorithmic penalties for the owner. Previously, this was a manual process that would require verification by Outdoorsy on both sides. Now, if the reason for cancellation chosen is The renter requested that I cancel this booking, the renter will be sent a notification to confirm the request to terminate the reservation.
  • If the renter agrees to cancel, neither the owner nor the renter will be penalized. Renters will receive a full refund (including fees).
  • If the renter declines the request to cancel this booking, the reservation will returned to its original confirmed state.

    Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 10.27.23 AM.png



Day-tripper III

Thank you for making this happen. We are hoping not to have to use the feature, but....


Does this work for booking requests as well? I've had several booking request that the renter withdraws because our camper doesn't fit their needs. However, this dings my approval rating really badly.

Hi there! Currently this process is only in place for confirmed bookings. Renter withdraws should not impact your owner approval rating. If you're seeing this happen after a renter withdraws please shoot us an email to with the renter's name or booking ID if possible so we can take a look.