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Fake reasons for cancellations

Day-tripper II

So I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue... we had a renter who wanted to cancel because the plans for their group changed. It was less than a week before departure so the cancellation fee would be applied. We do a moderate plan for cancellations. The renter told me that other members of their group, there were multiple RVs, could no longer go. So she wanted to cancel too. She asked about a full refund and I apologized, but said the standard cancellation policy would be in effect. Then she called Outdoorsy and said she was cancelling because of Covid. She was blatantly lying about this situation because she didn't want to pay the fee. When I resisted, she then said she would keep the reservation because she wanted to meet me in person. Of course, we cancelled then because I didn't want to have a confrontation with this renter. And of course, then she got her full refund because it was an owner initiated cancellation at that point. 


What would you have done? I talked with the Outdoorsey reps, but they did not help. They didn't seem to care that she was being aggressive and confrontational. They could see all the messages between us and they could see that she changed her story, but didn't seem to care. And for the record, if the cancellation had been for actual reasons related to Covid I would have cancelled it right away no problem. But this was different. This lady was using Covid as an excuse to get out of paying a fee she had agreed to when she made the reservation. I try to be accommodating to people and make all kinds of concessions. But this was just too much and then when she got nasty I just didn't think it was right that she could be rude and threatening and get her way. Ugh. 


your thoughts? This is the only really bad experience we have had while renting, everything else has been really good!



I would have stuck to my guns, and either charged her or let them come to meet me and pick up RV. I would have documented everything and made sure that Outdoorsy knew I would have printed and had her sign an additional letter about any damage above the security deposit.   

Day-tripper II

We have ran into that situation before. I would have been so bold to meet them in person, but that is me. Not to escalate it but to let them know that we do what we can. Perhaps offer them some future Credit or something. I have had several people cancel and not get a refund. I offered them future credit within 1 year and they never took advantage of it. 


I have had mine set as Strict Policy, and about 3-5 days prior to when they could have cancelled they did, there fore they were out of the range for full refund, it gave them 1/2 refund.  I told the client, I would have rented to someone else, so there for I can only do 1/2 refund, but as a courtesy would apply it to their next reservation with me again.  That way it's up to them at that point if they wanted to come get the other 1/2 back.  They have plenty of time to back out and stick to the policy and they agree to those terms when they do that.


I send you half an answer - half a question. We owned pet boarding kennels for 35 years and faced the same kind of cancellations. We started taking deposits and offered clients a full refund ONLY when they cancelled at least two weeks before the start of their pet's reservation. That proofed to work perfectly.

Would this be an option to put something like this in place with renting out RV's?

Weekend warrior

We've learned that the strict cancellation policy is actually the best. I try to work with renters - including offering future credit (lower daily fees) and adjusting dates, but the ones that get confrontational we document in the messages on the site and let Outdoorsy handle them.

Me, I would have shown up to the rental. But I really don't mind face-to-face disagreements.