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Extended Service/Warranty Contracts - RV Complete, Good Sam, etc.

Day-tripper II

I've read several post about getting rental damage covered by insurance.  But have yet to find a post which addresses repairs needed due to normal wear and tear.  For example, a C class engine or transmission failure.  For our upcoming C class purchase the dealer is pushing an extended service contract with RV Complete.  But it seems they won't cover component failure if the unit is being rented.  I've also heard that some manufacturers will void their warranty if they learn you are renting your purchase to others. 

Will it be a waste to purchase coverage with RV Complete because they can/will reject claims due to the RV being rented?  Is there a company offering extended service contracts to owners knowing that they rent their RV?  How are other Outdoorsy owners addressing this?  


Weekend warrior

Yes, you’re correct. Most warranty companies will void if they find out you are renting. American Guardian  Warranty Service is the only one I know that doesn’t mind if you rent. 
However, you’re never going to get an RV in and out of the shop for warranty work between reservations. So you have to calculate that into your decision. 

Day-tripper III

You need to look into all options for repair work.  I have found that mobile mechanics can be a good option.  I have one locally that charges a higher rate for rush work.  So if I am willing to pay more in labor, I can usually get simple things fixed fairly quickly, and since I am going to charge the renter for any repair work, it does not normally come out of my pocket.  I did have to pay through the nose once for an AC replacement, but that is the cost of doing business.