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Double Booking


Hello, I am new to Outdoorsy and just confirmed my first booking for our camper. I have two questions.
(1) another guest is asking to book our camper on dates overlapping the dates that have already been booked. As a property owner we use Airbnb for booking our guests for our condo. The Airbnb platform will not allow a potential renter to book dates that are already booked. Am I missing something?
(2) It will be difficult to have back to back bookings (check in/ check out) on the same date due to the turn around time to get the rental cleaned and ready to go. Is there a way to automatically leave at least one day in between bookings on the calendar for cleaning?
Thank you for any help and suggestions.



Weekend warrior

Is it just the final day that is overlapping?  Like coming back and going back out on the same day?  If so there is a setting that you can adjust to allow a buffer in between bookings.  And it can be difficult to do that depending on the situation.  If you provide linens and need time to wash everything and get it clean it may not be enough time. What if the renters are late? What if they expect to be back at 2pm and the other renter wants to leave at 4pm? 

Now if it’s more than just a same day turn around - you need to look at the first booking and see if it’s actually booked.  If it’s still waiting on the renter, then they actually haven’t booked it.  


Thank you for your reply, as I said "(1) another guest is asking to book our camper on dates overlapping the dates that have already been booked". When I look at the booking that came first I see a second request for the same dates creating a conflict. You are correct, the first renter requesting to book has not actually confirmed the booking. Maybe that's why another potential renter's requested dates overlap on my calendar. So possibly once a confirmation is made those dates will be blocked out on the calendar.
Can you tell me how to adjust to allow a buffer in between bookings?
Do you know what this option in the availability tab on the calendar page means or how to use that option? see below,
""No pick-up / return

Vehicle is available to rent, but no trips can start or end on the selected day(s).""

Thanks again.

@1popemanYep, that is exactly what happened, your calendar is not blocked out until the reservation is confirmed and the renter has paid the first portion. Otherwise, someone could hold your RV for several days and then decide not to go through with it, and you could have missed out on other potential bookings because the calendar was blocked off. On a side note, this is why we use "InstantBook" in our listing, I got tired of juggling pending renters, now our booking is truly "first come, first served".

You can find the settings for a buffer between bookings by going to your dashboard, then click "Listings" --> "All Listings" --> "Preferences" and scrolling down to the "Turn around time" section, set this to the number of days you want between each.

The "No pick-up / return" availability option leaves your RV open to be rented, it just doesn't allow a renter to start or end their reservation on those days. Example: You are headed out of town for the weekend, but you won't be using your RV and would also like to rent it out during that time. Set Friday - Monday as "No pick-up / return" in your Outdoorsy calendar, and it will allow someone to book as long as their trip starts on Thursday or earlier, and ends Monday or later. This way you are still available for pickup and dropoff, and you can still take your own trip. It's extremely handy, and we use it all the time.