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Do you Tell the Renters...?

Day-tripper III

We've posted previously about RV Tracking devices (we use one and so far like it). 

If you use/were to use a tracker, would you tell the renter? Ours is VERY hard to find and wired in such a way that even if the battery is removed, we'd still get notifications. But this last trip we DID NOT tell the renters we were tracking the camper and did test the geofencing/moving-not moving/other notifications to see how functional the tracker is, and I kinda feel like we may have been a little too "snoopy" by following the unit without their knowing.

What does the community think?


Day-tripper II

This is going to depend on state law - I know California you have to disclose it and can only activate it in certain circumstances.  I would also look at it as if you are renting would you want to know?