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Do you find Instamatch useful?

Day-tripper II

I wonder if others review their Insta-matches often and if they make offers, and what the response is like to those. 

I generally feel the request was not a good match, users looking at Class C do not likely want a smaller camper van.  I've also heard some renters say they get annoyed by these direct offers. 



Personally I have not found it useful. I tried it a couple times and never had a positive response.

Weekend warrior

To date, I'm not sure if I've had more than one "instamatch" convert to a paid rental - I pretty much ignore them now.

Day-tripper II

This one is interesting. Most say it's not useful (I'm one of them) but I think that comes mostly from mismatches expectations. You shouldn't consider it the same as a booking request like a traditional booking request where very little is needed to close the deal. It more of a lead generation tool. It's just letting you know what someone if currently shopping for and since they haven't closed the deal yet you can strike up a conversation yourself and maybe drive them to your rig. This requires more work on your part but can be useful to maximize booking or fill gaps in your schedule. 


I'm trying to figure out how to pitch my camper. I have a list of questions I would like to have answered before I approve a booking. How do you folks suggest crafting a message to these leads?

Day-tripper II

Thank you all for the replies - great to see others views and ideas on this.