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Do you charge renters, if a claim is required?


Hi All, 

My question is if your rig got damaged during a rental and IS required to go through claims. Do we charge the renters for our time and effort to deal with the claim? I know they typically lose their damage deposit, or up to $1500 deductible. But the time and effort we as Hosts have to deal with, following up with the insurance companies, driving the rig to the shop to get appraisals etc.. 

I feel like we should be compensated for all this time and effort.. thoughts?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@TonyL Unfortunately, we don't currently cover loss of use or transportation costs, as we would have to take a higher percentage per transaction to cover these situations. The feedback from our community was that they would prefer not to pay more per transaction, especially because our damage claim rate is extremely rare. Please let me know if you have further questions about loss of use or any other assistance I can provide. Under the Exclusions section it states:

  • Loss of use, lost revenue, business interruption, loss of personal use and transportation costs resulting from damages are not covered by Outdoorsy.