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Hello, a newbie here. I have been so far very lucky with my renters. I can't not complain. I do have a question. Today was my second booking so we agreed to deliver the TT set it up and ready for renters to enjoy it. Since this was our first time I have no idea how to charge for the delivery. Do you put a price for delivery and pick up or just delivery? so my question is : if I delivered it 70miles away how much do I charge? and do I also charge for the pick up? thank you in advance. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Some folks opt for a flat rate, typically $150-$300 within the owner’s approved delivery radius. Others charge per mile, on average this ranges from $4-$6 per mile. Hope this helps!

Whoa $4-$6 per mile! Lol Uber did not get the memo. They pay like 35¢ a mile to drivers. Who knows how much they charge riders.

The less like Uber Outdoorsy is, the greater your returns in loyalty and profits will be, with the added, kinda crucial, bonus of positive brand recognition. Always put people before profits, and not only will you be doing the right thing ethically but you will still reap financial benefits. Sad when companies get so big they divorce their business practices from respected value systems, to their own detriment.

Anyway, done with my lil soap box moment ha.

Kudos on Outdoorsy's success, and may it continue!

Diesel costs money, and I work for a living, so my time is valuable. I charge $4/mile one way for the pickup/delivery bundle. This means for $4/mile, I will deliver the camper (at 10-12mpg) up to 50 miles (1.5 hours each way average x2) and set it up and demo (another hour), and then pick it up & cart it home. That is VERY fair IMHO.

Agreed. I charge a flat fee of $75 for delivery and setup. Limited to 50 miles. I also charge $75 for cleaning. If they don’t have full hookups I charge $50 to dump.

Most of my rentals are less than 25 miles.

I’m booked solid from June through Labor Day every year and I had a 5 day minimum for most of that time because we work full-time and can’t take off work to go pick it up mid-week in the mornings. 

To clarify. Are you charging $4/mile to the location AND back? Or just one way? Example: 30 miles to location is $120 or do you charge 30x2 at $240?

Remember, Outdoorsy takes 20% of the delivery fee also.


Day-tripper III

$4 per mile 

Day-tripper III

$4/ mile, minimum of $150, 75 mile max.  We're in the Dallas area, and most people are driving further than 75 miles, so we have almost no delivery requests.


I recently rented to a group at a music festival which was 125 miles away.  I charged them $7/mi which cost them $896.00.  Outdoorsy took 20% of that which left me with $716.8.  It cost me around $300 in fuel to deliver it.  

So people are willing to pay that sometimes.  I am currently revising me delivery fee to the following:

Under 30 miles @ $5/mi = $150, $120 to me

30-100 @ $6/mi = $180, $144 to me

100-200 @ $7/mi = $1400, $1120 to me

> 200 @ $8/mi = $1600, $1280 to me

I'll probably revise this a bit more but gonna test it out.  I usually work out a deal around delivery fees anyways.