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Delivery Driver

Day-tripper II

Can a add a verified driver to a listing who can deliver the camper for me if for some reason I am unavailable?  If I add the a verified driver, will the insurance cover the delivery?  How would I do that?   Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

@KathyCav you can add additional verified drivers and be covered. I've attached part of this article below:

Coaching your renter through driver verifications

"As a renter how do I verify another driver? 

In the Renter Dashboard, go to the booking details page and click, add a passenger. You will input the name and email of the additional driver, and check the box that they will be driving. The new passenger will then receive an email, which they need to accept, and then they will go through the same process. The new passenger will need to sign into their Outdoorsy account, using the same email you sent them the invite with, go to Renter Dashboard, then booking details page and click on verify ID. "


Weekend warrior II

I think what you are asking is if you can have someone else deliver your rig for you to the renters when you are not available correct?  If so that person would not be added as an additional driver - that is for renters only.  However, @Kameron can confirm, I believe that the insurance would cover anyone that you have deliver for you. 


Thank you,  yes that is exactly what I was asking.  When I called and asked they told me to add him ads certified driver on the reservation.  But it didn’t make sense and if a drivers license has to be uploaded I would be uncomfortable with the renter seeing his personal info.   I’m not available on a delivery date but wanted to try to accommodate the renter.  I have a friend that camps with me sometime who is currently out of work  so he could deliver for me.  From what I read Outdoorsy only insured “owner” delivering the camper.  Thanks so much.

Oh I think you're right, I misunderstood. I think @Dwoods3434 is correct about "permissible use" but I would double-check with your own insurance provider @KathyCav.

Day-tripper III

I think this is a great idea. Especially if you know someone who has the time and want to make a few extra bucks. You shouldn't need to add them to Outdoorsy at all as they should be covered by your own policies as "Permissible Use".  Does Outdoorsy currently cover the trailer if it is being delivered by the owner? I thought the insurance didn't start until the renter took delivery.

Thanks Dwoods, I am unavailable for a delivery date but wanted to try to accommodate a renter.  I have a friend currently out of work who could do it for me.  I forgot he would be covered under my personal insurance as permissible user.  From what I read on Outdoorsy, the  insurance covers the owner on the delivery ride to drop off the camper so long as the renter completes the verified driver.  The return trip is not covered as the rental has ended at pickup. I wanted to see if I could add my “delivery person” to my account so that the delivery trip could be covered by the Outdoorsy insurance.   Thanks for your reply.

As far as your personal insurance, there are exclusions if it is for "business purposes" depending on which insurance provider it is. I use Roamly and they assured me that my personal policy would cover me for delivery and picking up for a renter as well as anyone else that I allow to use the trailer (outside of paid rentals).