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Delivery at camp grounds


Hello! I am renting my RV for the first time and they have selected delivery. It says they chose arrival at 3:00 on day of delivery and then 11am the day I pick it up. How does everyone go about coordinating this with the campgrounds so that you don’t interfere with the renters vacation? I want to be sure it’s set up before they arrive and I don’t come too early on day of pick up but also abide by the hours of the campgrounds. Thanks!!


Weekend warrior

I've never had an issue with either pickup or delivery - as long as the RENTER sets everything up beforehand. The only minor hiccup happened when a State Fairgrounds required the person renting the spot to be on hand for the delivery. For the most part, all I've ever had to do is pull to the gate (I have a State Park and National Park pass) and let them know where I'll be dropping or picking up. You may have to pay an entrance fee - so make sure you figure that in if you don't have a pass.

All the best!

Day-tripper II

I think that's just automatic set times. You should co-ordinate with your renter to find times that work best for you both,

Day-tripper II

RENTER sets everything up beforehand. And I tell them pick up/ delivery time I can do it and to make sure the camp ground knows and agrees to this time too, on occasion they have to pay for an extra night if it is past check out time.