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Delivery and Setup Issues

Day-tripper II

Hi All,

I am excited to be a first timer Owner and Host on Outdoorsy.  I had my first delivery yesterday and ran into some issues. I confirmed delivery time 2 days ahead of time and we arrived on time. I also went to the campsite to view the site and discuss where to park on the site with the campground 2 days before delivery. The issues started with the renter.  When I arrived she had already set up her fire pit area, shade tent and picnic table in the spot I was expecting to park the camper. We discussed where she wanted it placed and it was not realistic.  I provided what I believed were her only 2 options, and she refused to mover her stuff. The guy in the site behind her came to help, made the same suggestions I did and offered to help her more the picnic table.  She was rude and refused which left me with only one option (which I don't think she was thrilled with).  If they all go like this I'm not sure its all worth it.

How do I avoid this issue for future deliveries?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@KathyCav welcome and congrats on your first rental. Way to keep calm and cool in a tough scenario. I'm sure you mentioned your concern about the risks of not parking the RV in a dedicated spot. I would maybe push that there are some risks for clogging up the campsite for others, potential risks of others hitting it while trying to park, and upsetting those that run the campsite. All in all, it sounds like you did the best you could to accommodate and keep the renter happy. From what I've seen and heard they won't all be this way. 

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Hi @KathyCav! I am so sorry you had this experience with your first delivery. I promise not all of them are like this! It sounds like they were being a bit difficult. You did all the right things before delivery. For the next one you can always chat with the renter before their trip and explain to them that if they put out camping gear before you deliver the rig it may need to be moved to accommodate it.