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Damages That can't be Captured in Pre-Trip Photoes


My trailer axle's spindle has been bent by one of the renters and I didn't notice it until a thousand miles later there was severe uneven tire wear. It cost thousands dollars to repair. The mechanic told me it could be very likely a pothole or curb hit at high speed. But surprisingly the tire didn't explode. That is why I missed the damage at return.  Things like this can't be captured in photos. What can we do to avoid or catches these damages at returning so we can file insurance claims instead of out of our own pocket?


Weekend warrior II

Sorry to hear that! Is this damage that was visible if you were to crawl underneath, or did it require removing the tire/axle to really see it?

I make a point to go underneath our class C periodically to inspect for damages. A good check is to look at the back of your rig when it is returned and see if it is covered in dust/dirt, which would indicate the renter took it down an unpaved road of some kind. Another is if the renter took a high mileage trip (if you have a towable rather than a drivable, a hubodometer might be a good addition). The likelihood of damage underneath goes up in these cases. 

Someone from Outdoorsy can correct me (or may have more specifics), but from what I know if you don't catch damages after a rental it makes it more difficult to file a damage claim, because it's tough to prove which renter caused the damage since multiple rentals have gone by. Unfortunately, getting unseen damages is a risk that owners take when they choose to rent their rig.

I am curious if you are allowed to submit a claim to Outdoorsy in this situation, despite the challenge? For large repairs like this that are hard to catch, it puts a lot of pressure on owners.

thanks for your reply. The damage is not visible obviously. It could only be seen after you remove the wheel and put a square ruler on it. Luckily I contacted the Axle manufacturer for warranty and they agreed to send me new axle for free. But I am worried it is gonna happen again next year. I did call outdoorsy and they said I had to catch it at return... otherwise it is my own risk of renting