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Custom Built Teardrop


Newbie here.  I am considering listing a custom-built teardrop camper trailer.  Does anyone have experience with this and is willing to share?  


Community Manager
Community Manager

@HDRivers welcome and good luck! I was planning on taking on that challenge this year but then had some unexpected life things come up as they do, so it's on hold. 
I really enjoyed this Youtube series when I was doing my research:

I also strongly recommend checking out places that offer up their plans for sale like Wander Tears:
One last thing I'd look into is insurance. You'll likely need to keep all of your receipts to set the value of the rig. You can reach out to our people over at Roamly with any questions or to get a quote. Hope this helps!

Thanks, Cameron!  

The camper is already built and ready to go!  I'll check out insurance options with Roamly.  If Roamly doesn't offer an insurance policy due to it being a custom build would Outdoorsy accept my company's insurance policy?  I've already talked to my agent and he said they would insure it.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

@HDRivers oh duh haha I didn't see that it'd already been built and got excited. It's all going to depend on all the information you give when submitting. If you have follow-up questions on that you can contact support at +1 877-723-7232. Please feel free to post some pictures of your build here as well! I'd love to see it!