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Contract with renters


I am intending to rent out my 2013 Class C Coachmen, Freelander and believe I understand the basic principles here with Outdoorsy.  My main concern is actually the agreement between the renter and me.  I believe that on the Outdoorsy platform, we can list what's included, if pets are allowed, etc.  

Let's say that my rig is rented for the week of June 5 - June 11 but on June 3 it comes back with damage, and is not rentable.  Let's also say it takes 2 weeks to fix it.  Now, at this point I feel I'd be ruining someone's vacation and not holding up my part of the agreement because my rig would not be available.  

Any ideas how to protect yourself from this type of situation and getting a lawsuit against you?

Is anyone willing to share what you use for a contract?

Thank you kindly


Day-tripper III

The majority of people understand that things can happen. As long as you respond quickly to upcoming renters about issues from a previous rental. It’s totally out of your control at that point. Full refund and they can try to find a replacement RV.