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Considering getting into the RV rental business

Day-tripper II


I am new to the group and joined to view the discussions here and it seems like a lot of good info.  Me and my wife are considering buying a small travel trailer (2019 Little Guy Max) to rent out.  My question to the other owners is - is it profitable?  I know, not really a simple question.  I did a detailed spreadsheet where I guessed at occupancy rates during the various months and it looks like we could make some money but not a lot.  The big question is do people get a lot of bookings?  Again, I know that's a broad question.  But when I look at the listings, there aren't a lot of them with very many reviews.  Do people rent without leaving a review?  We are in NE Ohio so we probably wouldn't rent it out in the winter (unless they were taking it south, which might be OK).  Just trying to get a feel  for how worthwhile this business is or could be.




Day-tripper II

Hmm...  not any replies.  Maybe it's the slow season of the year (it probably is).  Since I posted this question, I read a bunch of other discussions on here about this and I'm just not sure about it.  I'm not sure if people try it and don't do it for very long or what.

Hi @jim-zinger1! Sorry to see that no owners have replied yet. It is definitely the slow season for many of our owners. There is a bit more activity on the owner Facebook page this time of year. You might consider joining us there and asking the same questions. You can join here! 

I did join that group - thanks!

Weekend warrior


The Little Guy Max by Liberty Outdoors Inc. is a better-built teardrop camper.  A quick check showed used 2019s models selling in the mid-twenty-thousand dollar range.  If your objective is to subsidize the cost of ownership and you count that as profitable, then yes, renting the camper will be profitable.  If you are looking to cash flow the rig the answer is most likely not.  The time horizon with a $100 net per rental night and 60 nights rental annually is over 250 rental nights for a $25,000 rig.  That will take five to six years of renting it out just to cover the initial cost of the camper.

Reviews:  I get reviews at the return key exchange.  That has been the only way I've been able to build ratings.  Out of sight, out of mind.  People are motivated to give a review because they know you are reviewing them at the same time--and I do.  

All that said, renting out your camper can be rewarding simply for the experience, and it will help offset the cost of ownership.  Besides, Outdoorsy community members are so dang cool!  See you out there--Camper Jim


Hi Jim, thanks for the reply - that's great info.  And is sort of the conclusion I came to doing a spreadsheet analysis.  That is, it's not really a money making deal, but more for if you want to help pay for your rig.  And of course the experience, which can be rewarding also.  We are trying to come up with a way for some extra income because we are tired of our jobs! haha.  We also looked into AirBnb and it led us down this path.  Not sure what we are going to do!  Thanks again.