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Communication policy



Hopefully this is appropriate for this forum.

I'm not sure how to proceed. I've been apprehensive about getting a client that does not keep in contact.

I have a client (I like client better than renter) who booked for Memorial Day Weekend back in March. Some things have changed which I would like to discuss, and have sent a couple of messages.  However, the client has not responded to the few messages I sent within the last week. I called two days ago but just got VM.

Are there any specific platform processes for handling this situation?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @youngins 
From what I've seen in these kinds of situations, owners will send a message saying that they ask certain questions to make sure everything is ready and provide the best possible experience. They might also say something like if the renter doesn't reply then they may have to cancel the reservation due to lack of communication. If they don’t reply after a day or two maybe consider canceling it and move on to the next one. Ultimately it's up to you and your discretion as the owner. 


Day-tripper III

Communication has to be solid from the beginning to end, after all this is how we build trust as owners and renters. After multiple attempts of trying to communicate with renter via phone and OD messaging I would cancel after giving them a share of fair warnings and move foward with other request. 

Weekend warrior

I’ve canceled reservations due to lack of communication before. It’s totally up to you and if you don’t feel comfortable, send them one last message through the platform stating that they need to answer your questions otherwise you will have to cancel it due to lack of communication. 

Day-tripper II

Communicate what you need to. I have had similar situations as well. Instant Book, then I told them a new meeting time and it was crickets. They showed up on time and the rental worked out just fine. Some people get very busy.