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Class C RV Service


I am posting this because I am having alot of trouble getting my class C RV serviced in a timely manner at a reasonalbe price.  I live in the Colorado area and just has a terrible experience with a company called Je Co in Denver.  I was over charged, the service was slow and the work questionable.  I cannot find anyone in the Colorado Springs area that will work on RVs in a timely manner.  The demand is well above the supply of RV repair services.  I am thinking of selling my RV on becasue the service issues are driving me crazy.  I suggest that Ourdoorsey look into a repair referral service  or starting their own.  I have lost rentals all summer due to a lack of repair places that will work on it.

What are your experiences?




Day-tripper III

Welcome to the world of RV ownership.  You may want to find a local mobile repair, but be prepared to pay higher labor rates.  My class C has been in the shop for body work since mid-June.  Been waiting for parts.

Weekend warrior II

Yea, I have the same experience in the Portland area. Honestly, I've had the best results doing as much repair work myself as possible. Find a decent RV parts distributor near you (I had to dig a bit for this, as they don't advertise and don't really have storefronts, but they almost always have the parts I need in stock), and you can take care of a lot of smaller stuff within a day. I was even able to do some bodywork on my own using a new sheet of fiberglass and the proper tools/adhesives/sealants. It took me longer than someone who does it day in/out, but came out looking pretty good (I'm lucky in that most of our RV is plain white fiberglass).

For larger repairs or something that requires a certified tech, you just have to do the best you can with the service departments in your area unfortunately.

Day-tripper III

Thankfully we have a good relationship with our dealer. They understand our business and since they got out of renting they're happy to refer customers. We have 4 rigs all from that dealer and i'm constantly inventing reasons to stop in to buy odds and ends and make sure our brochures are still plentiful.