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Class c registration


Hi ..havent pulled the trigger just yet on added our Class C to the rental program still getting some things sorted out BUT a big question is how do we go about the RV registration ?..I dont feel comfortable leaving it in the glove compartment with my name and address etc on it do that work if they get pulled over?


Weekend warrior II

I've actually wondered this myself. We just leave the registration in the glovebox while renters have it, because I assumed it would be required if they ever got pulled over or were involved in an accident. I would feel more comfortable if we could take it out though. I'm curious if just having the rental and insurance info from Outdoorsy would be enough to cover it when renters had it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@LandShip my first thought is that you'd need to leave the registration in the vehicle in case the renter does get pulled over, but I can't speak to the legal requirements for each state. One idea could be to make a copy (keep the original with the owner) and black out the address. Put it in a folder along with the rental agreement.

Many thanks ...that is EXACTLY what we are doing!