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Chasing Payment For Outdoorsy?


Hi All- I was going to call support with this yesterday, but perhaps it might be more productive to get answers here.  Outdoorsy sent me an email saying "An upcoming rental has not completed payment or a driver check- please reach out to the customer to rectify.  Do not rent your RV if this is not resolved".  

I am feeling a little conflicted.  Outdoorsy takes 20% commission on our sales.  Part of the justification of that cost for me is them handling the transaction- credit card details, insurance, driver check etc. Does anyone else agree that Outdoorsy should be contacting the renter directly to make sure the transaction is completed?  I don't even have access (to my knowledge) to a credit card portal where I could enter a new card number for the renter, or fix the situation. 

I am curious what other owners are doing in this situation, besides sending a message to the guest?   I replied to the email that came to me from Outdoorsy asking these questions and my reply went straight to the renter!  I have been patient with Outdoorsy as they have worked through bugs in the app and brought on new functionality but it was a bummer to have to explain this situation to my guest as well.  When you receive an email from Outdoorsy, and Reply to Outdoorsy it should not go to the renter.

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Got the same email just the other day.  My renter (first timer) was trying but was frustrated as to how the process worked. Several calls from me to Outdoorsy and the renter used up several hours of my time.  Finally was resolved less than a day before the rental start.  Bottom line was Outdoorsy failed to process the renters payment.  Processed the security deposit but not the other payments.  Their answer was "we just didn't do it".  

Day-tripper III

It is always best to refer to the owner handbook. The wealth of information won't leave you disappointed. In addition, try asking different online reps if you feel your question isn't being answered. I have found this to be true and Outdoorsy is working on a more concise approach with their reps online. 

I've always had my answers answered through online help and or emails. But also make sure the question is clear and concise. 

** There is a payment breakdown sheet before the rental is approved. In addition, Outdoorsy will make sure the drivers are vetted and will contact the renter. Also keep in mind same day or close to day of bookings is a hectic time for all and that is why contacting Outdoorsy directly can ease that worry of not knowing about driver verification or if insurance is approved. As long as the booking goes through Outdoorsy and the renter is verified Outdoorsy is great about backing their position. 

For more tips and tricks on this topic mention follow our feel free to ask questions CHEERS 🍻

Day-tripper II

Same experience, same frustrations and expectation that Outdoorsy handle this and not put it on the owner, this is the type of thing that ~40% of the rental cost should cover.