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Challenges with RV fridge with renter on the road

Day-tripper II


My second renter unfortunately encountered an issue with some bad fridge aroma.  The fridge works on Propane, but the smell turns them off.  I honestly didn’t notice it as an issue.  I am not quite sure what I can do.  The last renters didn’t report any fridge issues on 9/7.  I offered a refund to the current renter, but I think they continue for the moment since they had a bold trip planned.  Should I try to have a mobile RV service look at it while they are in the middle of their trip?  Should I just wait till they are back and get it checked out by a pro (stay out of their hair?) Thanks, Benjamin


Day-tripper III

RV refrigerators always smell. We do three things to fight that.

1. Clean the refrigerator with a water and baking soda mixture. This is recommended by Dometic.

2. Leave the doors open when not in use so it dries out.

3. We found a small refrigerator deodorant that we keep inside and it has worked great.

Day-tripper II

An ammonia smell in an RV fridge can be telling you there is a problem. You are best to ascertain what the smell is if it is ammonia call a tech. Other smells can best be taken care of with a small dish of coffee grounds on a shelf.