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Burning man festival

Day-tripper II

Hello we’re still new at this . I have a booking that is going to burning man festival and was just informed rv is not covered during event? Last time I rented it to a group of people who took it out on desert for off-roading and I’m still cleaning up nooks . Did not know how to charge them at the time? Does anyone else have similar situation?


Weekend warrior II

Just for clarification - where did you see it wasn't covered or is there something specifically not covered?  Going to burning man shouldn't automatically exclude it from coverage. 


I got this via email 



Hi there,

The annual Burning Man festival has been on a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic, but it’s back Aug 28 - Sep 5, 2022. As the dates approach, we’d like to take this opportunity to reset expectations and clarify common questions you may have.

What is Burning Man, and why is it so different from other festivals?
    • Burning Man takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, which was the site of an ancient lake 15,000 years ago. Because of various environmental and biological factors, the sand is a unique alkaline, ultra-fine “dust” (known as playa dust).

  • The fine playa dust, helped by desert winds, can get into any crevice and part of the RV. It can cause damage and require extensive cleaning (engine, vents, etc.), especially if preventative measures are not taken. These include:

    • Taping up air vents, exterior seams, and window moldings.
    • Covering furniture with plastic or slipcovers.
    • Waxing the outside of the RV.

Insurance information for Burning Man
    • As always, Outdoorsy protection packages do not provide coverage to the interior of RVs. Insurance coverage is provided for the exterior of the vehicle.

    • What’s different for Burning Man? Outdoorsy insurance does not provide coverage during the festival itself.Incidents excluded from coverage include:

      • Damage from playa dust to the interior, exterior, or anything mechanical or electrical.
      • Vandalism that occurs on the festival grounds.

    • What coverage is provided?

    • Exterior / collision coverage for incidents that occur en route to and from the festival.
    • Collision coverage if the vehicle is involved in a loss with another automobile at the festival grounds.

Need to cancel Burning Man bookings?
    • We’ll forgive owner cancellations for bookings Aug 28 - Sep 5.

      • Cancellations must be made within 7 days of this email’s send date to qualify (prior to midnight on July 22nd).
      • Email with the booking ID, and enter “Burning Man Cancel” as the subject of the email.


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Thats basically their standard insurance honestly.  They never cover any interior damage - no matter what.  Many people charge very large deposits for burning man because of the playa dust and that it takes a lot of work to get it out and also because of the potential for damage from the dust.  You can contact your renters and see if they can get a binder from their own insurance but that may or may not cover any interior damage or damage from the playa dust. 


Hello, I am new to Outdoorsy. Wondering how much did you charged them for Burning Man Festival? I looked at listings in Vegas, some RVs are not Burning Man friendly and some are Festival friendly ranging from $500 - $750/night. Is this a decent price for the Festival?

Hi I ended up canceling reservation as the event is not covered and we did not want to take a chance . I had charged normal price because they booked over 6mo ago and we’re new . Won’t do it again for sure